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        Paul’s Paralegal Blog 80 Palmer Rd. Hamilton, Ontario L8T 3E9 Tel: (905) 581-3602 Fax: (226) 216-0126 E-mail:  Web:   I have created this Blog to help people understand the complexity of law,  and of Canada’s legal system.  Most importantly how paralegals like myself work within Canada’s legal system.   I have created this first post, as an introduction to Canada’s legal system, our laws. How they work to help us resolve disputes between individuals, disputes between individuals and business, and disputes between individuals and government.   Canada’s Court System First, I will provide an explanation of the different courts, administrative boards/tribunals/commissions, and  where they sit within the power structure of Canada’s legal system.  Canada's Court System ( click the image to download  a pdf copy of the courts system map) Different Forms of Law There are three forms of law. There is Constitutional Law,